Tongue Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-raspberry-icon.png Tongue
Big Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-smile-big-icon Big Smile
Laughing Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-laugh-icon.png Laugh
Smiling Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-smile-icon.png Smile
Embarassed Smiley ES ES
Winking Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-wink-icon.png Wink
Straight Face Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-plain-icon.png Straight
Curved Mouth Smiley 25px-Emotes-face-uncertain-icon.png Curve
Sad smiley 25px-Emotes-face-sad-icon.png Sad
Angel Smiley Emotes-face-angel-icon.png Angel
Girl Smiley Template:Girl Girl
Surprised Smiley Template:Shock Shock


To use this template, paste the following code into your page:

{{Emoticon you want here (Tongue, Big Smile, etc.)}}

More to come!!! 25px-Emotes-face-raspberry-icon.png

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