Power Miners
Power Miners is a theme introduced (with promotions) in 2008, and it managed to last until 2010. It was a fairly popular theme, and actually lasted longer than most themes manage to. It's recommended you go buy some re-sells today!



The Crystal King

Power Miners has a basic plot. There are a group of miners, drilling underground to find what is causing mysterious earthquakes. They soon find mysterious Rock-like creatures eating crystals. The crystals cause them to go hyper, and create huge earthquakes. After a while it is hinted that there are more than just tiny monsters below. Something that even the miners' vehicles couldn't stop.... Later we began noticing larger monsters, apparently evolved versions of the other monsters. It is later revealed that these aren't even the biggest of the monsters, and that there is a king. After the miners create new vehicles, they begin to battle harder. Now, with their largest vehicle (Titanium Command Rig) they were able to battle the Crystal King. But however unlikely it was, he was still able to fight the rig. The weight of the Crystal King and the rig, caused the cave floor to collapse, and the King managed to hang on to the ledge and get out, however the miners fell in.

Now deep underground, the miners discovered that they weren't alone. Some Rock Monsters manage to go deep, and became super-heated. Now the miners have to face Lava Monsters. Soon they defeated the few Lava Monsters including their leader Eruptorr.