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Mars Mission is a discontinued LEGO theme lasting from 2007 to 2009. The theme was replaced by Space Police III, Power Miners and later Alien Conquest. There were a total of 17 sets. All featuring the Alien and Astronaut clash of war. The theme was popular and caused some remorse when it was replaced.

2007 Sets:Edit

*MB-O1 Eagle Command Base

*ETX Alien Mothership Assault

*MX-11 Astro Fighter

*MT-51 Claw-tank Ambush

*ETX Alien Strike

*MX-77 Recon Dropship

*MX-41 Trike

*Limited Edition: MT-101 Armoured Drilling Unit

2008 Sets:Edit

*Alien Jet

*Crystal Hawk

*Mini Robot

*MT-41 Switch Fighter

*MT-11 Mobile Mining Unit

*MX-81 Hypersonic Operations Aircraft

*ETX Alien Infiltrator

MT-51 Crystal Reaper

Limited Edition: MT-61 Ultra Dill Walker