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In the year 1999 the Adventures of Johnny Thunder began.... Johnny Thunder is a LEGO Adventure theme based on an 'explorer' concept. The characters are: Johnny Thunder (also known as Sam Grant and Joe Freeman) the leading explorer in the LEGO Adventures line, Dr. Charles Lightning (who is later renamed Dr. Kilroy), Gail Storm (who is also renamed later on as Pippin Reed), Harry Cane who is an experienced pilot, Baron von Barron who is the main villian in the Adventure theme (and also renamed later to Lord Sam Sinister), and Sam Sinister is the sidekick to Baron von Barron (and is renamed later to Slyboots). In 1999, the theme introduced 3 new characters: Señor Palomar, the main antagonist of the Amazon Jungle theme, Rudo Villano, Señor Palomar's closest criminal partner, and Gabarro, a sailor who works for both the adventurers and a main villain Señor Palomar. In 2000, the theme introduced 2 more characters: Alexis Sinister, Sam Sinister's sister and Mike, a young friend of Johnny Thunder's. In 2003, theme introduced 6 new characters: Babloo an Indian slave, Maharajah Lallu, a ruthless tyrant, Sangye Dorje, is a sherpa with lots of experience in the mountains, Ngan Pa, is a greedyand ruthless yeti hunter and is happy to work for Lord Sinister for a share of the treasure in the mountains, Jing Lee, is a freedom fighter who helps Johnny Thunder (character) search for the Golden Dragon, and Emperor Chang Wu, a cruel and oppressive Chinese Mandarin and is also known as the "false emporer". He is also one of Lord Sinister's partners in crime.

On [1], Johnny Thunder had 4 games by the names of: The Lost Treasure, The Restless Mummy, The Great Mountain Chase and the best game The Quest for the Golden Dragon. There was also comics, bios, and the game board info. Sadly, LEGO has now gotten rid of the link for Johnny Thunder.

Unlike other LEGO themes which take place in a fictional "LEGO Universe", most of the Adventures take place in real-world locations like Egypt, the Amazon Rainforest, India, the Himalayas and China.

The theme was discontinued in 2003 before LEGO got the license for Indiana Jones, to which Thunder and Jones had many similarities. If you still LOVE Johnny Thunder and want his memory to live on, here is a link for his fan site


Egypt (1998-1999):

*1094/5900 - Johnny Thunder

*1182/3020 - Little Raft

*1183/3021 - King Pharaoh the Third

*2541 - Adventurers' Buggy

*2542/3022/3039 - Adventurer's Mini Plane

*2879/5909/5948 - Treasure Raiders

*2995 - Adventurers Car and Skeleton

*2996 - The Lost Tomb

*3020 - Adventurers Raft

*3012 - King Pharaoh the Third

*3023 - Sinister Car

*3055 - Adventurers Car

*3722/5919 - Treasure Tomb

*5381 - Adventurer's Accessories

*5918 - Scorpian Tracker

*5928 - Bi-Wing Baron

*5938 - Oasis Ambush

*5958 - Mummy's Tomb

*5978 - Sphinx Secret Surprise

*5988 - Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins

Amazon (1999):Edit

*2171 - Jungle Surprise/5905 - Hidden Treasure (virtually the same set)

*5901/5902 - River Raft

*5906 - Ruler of the Jungle

*5925 - Pontoon Plane

*5936 - Spider's Secret

*5956 - Air Zeppelin

*5976 - River Expidition

*5986 - Amazon Ancient Ruins

Dino Island (2000):Edit

*1278/5903 - Johnny Thunder and Baby T-Rex

*1280/5904 - Microcopter

*5911 - Johnny Thunder's Plane

*5912 - Mike's Swamp Boat

*5913 - Dr. Lightning's Car

*5914 - Sam Sinister and Baby T-Rex

*5920 - Island Racer

*5921 - Research Glider

*5934 - Track Master/Dino Explorer

*5935 - Island Hopper

*5955 - All Terrain Trapper

*5975 - T-Rex Transport

*5987 - Dino Research Compound

*1279 - Adventurers' Airplane

*1281 - Adventurers' Ultralight

Orient Expedition (Mount Everest) 2003:Edit

*3380 - Johnny Thunder

*3381 - Sam Sinister

*7409 - Secret of the Tomb

*7412 - Yeti's Hideout

*7415 - Aero Nomad

*7417 - Temple of Mount Everest

*7423 - Mountain Sleigh

Orient Expedition (India) 2003:Edit

*7410 - Jungle River

*7411 - Tygurah's Roar

*7414 - Elephant Caravan

*7418 - Scorpian Palace

*7422 - Red Eagle

Orient Expedition (China) 2003:Edit

*7413 - Passage of Jun-Chi

*7420 - Thunder Blazer

*7416 - Emporer's Ship

*7419 - The Dragon Fortress

*7424 - Black Cruiser