This is a brief summary and history of LEGO Harry Potter:


Harry Potter Animated Minifigures

LEGO Harry Potter is a trademarked theme that was originally introduced in 2001, just before the first movie was aired. That’s when LEGO partnered up with Warner Brothers on a contract. LEGO Harry Potter was one of the first trademarked themes, along with Star Wars. The Sorcerer’s Stone sets and the Chamber of Secrets sets have yellow-skin minifigures. But, after the Prisoner of Askaban sets were released, yellow-skin trademarks moved to flesh-skin trademarks. Nowadays, all trademarked themes have tan colored skin. When 2007 rolled around, the 5th movie, Order of the Phoenix, came out. This was the last year for the signed contract of LEGO Harry Potter. So, LEGO created a huge Order of the Phoenix Hogwarts Castle to end LEGO HP in a bang. But, to our surprise, LEGO Harry Potter was brought back in 2010. This made many LEGO fans and Harry Potter fans across the world smile. To kick off the re-intoducment of LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO made a LEGO HP website which showed images of the new minifigures daily. This became a popular site. By the time 2011 swung around, sets from the 6th - 7th movie came out. However, LEGO Harry Potter will most-likely leave us once more. Why? Well, because The Harry Potter books are done, the Harry Potter movies are done, and that leaves LEGO with very few options. They could go back and redo sets from all the movies/books, or they could “end” it for now until more books or movies are released. Years 5-7 is coming out sometime this year.


*4865: The Forbidden Forest

*4866: The Knight Bus

*4867: Hogwarts

*4736: Freeing Dobby

*4737: Quidditch Match

*4738: Hagrid's Hut

*4740: The Burrow

*4841: Hogwarts Express

*4842: Hogwarts Castle

*10217: Diagon Alley

Video Games:Edit

*Years 1-4

*Years 5-7