The Toa Inika

Please note they have stoped making Bionicle and switched to making LEGO Hero Factory

Bionicle (Bye-on-ik-el) is a old theme unlike any other LEGO Minifigures or sets.

Bionicle's were made out of Technic like peices. They had no sets, the Bionicles would come in different packages alone.

Everyone was shocked when they stopped making Bionicle as it was very popular. They also sometimes made main characters of other themes in a Bionicle type body.

Bionicle's weren't too expensive either.

Bionicle HeroesEdit

Bionicle Heroes was a Bionicle game that was based during the time that the Piraka reigned. It's a kids game that was Rated E for some systems, Rated E10+ for others, and T (!) for the DS. In some versions you could play as the Toa and Piraka, in others you couldn't play as Piraka, in the DS version you could only play as an Unknown Toa with the power to control things with his hands, and shoot Zamors. He could collect masks of the Toa to gain the powers, second mask of that power levels it up. These masks were, Toa of Fire (Tahu, Vakama, and Jaller), Toa of Water (Gali, Nokama, and Hahli), Toa of Earth (Onua, Whenua, and Nuparu), Toa of Stone (Pohatu, Onuwa, and Hewkii), Toa of Wind (Lewa, Matau, and Kongu), and Toa of Ice (Matoro, Kopaka, and Nuju). Here are some pictures of the Bionilce Heroes from the past.


605px-Voya Nui Matoran

Voya Nui Matoran

Toa mata nui2-1280

Toa Mata Nui


Bionicle Heroes