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LEGO Batman is a theme released in 2006. It made a few sets and was discontinued in 2010. The final sets made were Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck, Joker's Ice Cream Van and the Tumbler, Penguin's Sumbarine and Mr. Freeze's Ice Mobile

LEGO Batman The Video GameEdit

It made a video game in 2008. It was made by LEGO. Actually, they didn't even follow the movies. However, few knew about the theme and when the Video Game came out, it was too late to save the theme. But, the theme made a shocking turn-around thanks to the video game's popularity and advertisement, but was not enough to save the theme. The videogame can still be found at most retailers, as it is still produced.

LEGO Batman is returning in the upcoming 2012 theme LEGO Super Heroes
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LEGO Batman: The Video Game


LEGO Batman Nintendo DS Screen Shot