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LEGO Atlantis is a LEGO theme introduced in 2009. It's currently still in progress, but there haven't been any new sets lately. The theme is based off Atlantis and underwater exploration. They also made some Atlantis short episodes on It is a very popular series. It is so popular they made Season 2!

In Season 1 the Divers were Green, in Season 2 they are Yellow. That is the only way to tell them apart.

Right now, 2 LEGO Atlantis sets are sold every 46.3 seconds. That being said LEGO makes 40+ Dollars a minute just on Atlantis sets.

LEGO aimed Atlantis to target 8-12 year olds, but instead, people of all ages buy it!

This theme is very good for LEGO Collectors. Mostly because in the making of Atlatis LEGO had to make 140+ new bricks.
Captain Ace Speedman

Captain Ace Speedman

Dr Fisher and Professor Samantha Rhodes

Dr. Fisher and Professor Samantha Rhodes

Lance Spears

Lance Spears

The pictures on the right are from the Atlantis Movie.

Samantha Rhodes