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NOTE that Aqua Raiders has been discontinued. Aqua Raiders was one of the LEGO Group's new themes for 2007.
  • All seven regular Aqua Raiders sets
  • Aqua Raider
  • Aqua Raider 2
  • Aqua Raider 3
  • Aqua Raider 4
  • Aqua Raider 5
The setting is in the Bermuda Triangle. A group of divers go down with high teck submarines and other equipment to look for lost treasure and shipwrecks. The Aqua Raiders team was the only team that was brave enough to fight the depths of the Bermuda Triangle. Equipped with the latest technology, they were sent to recover treasures from an ancient king. In the Trench Game, one of the Raiders spoke, and when he did he had an Australian accent, leading to believe that the Aqua Raiders are of an Australian origin. When they start the mission to go under the depths, they are attacked by several underwater creatures within a matter of seconds. Both the vehicles and men carry weapons around to fend off the creatures.

Sea Monsters:Edit

Sea Snakes

Giant Crabs

Giant Lobsters

Giant Angler Fish

Giant Tiger Sharks

Giant Squid

Vehicles and Weapons:Edit

A Mini-Sub

A One-Man Underwater Boat

A Shark-Killer Sub

A Giant Sub

A Treasure Sub

And another unnamed submarine that resembles a helicopter

A Spear Gun

A Drill

A Harpoon Cannon

Several Small Turrets

Sets (2007):Edit

*7770 - Deep Sea Treasure Hunt

*7771 - Angler Ambush

*7772 - Lobster Strike

*7773 - Tiger Shark Attack

*7774 - Crab Crusher

*7775 - Aquabase Invasion

*7776 - The Shipwreck