LEGO Agents

Note that LEGO Agents is discontinued. LEGO Agents is a series of LEGO toy sets introduced in 2008 and is based on the secret agent genre. Each set features a mission that pits the LEGO Agents team against the nefarious Dr. Inferno and his sinister cronies. A crazed doctor, Dr. Inferno, often sends his henchmen and cyborgs on missions to steal treasures or terrorise the city. Formerly helping the agents, Inferno lost his arm to an explosion and blamed it on the agents. He established a base at a volcano and hired men to be his henchmen. The agents are always included in a set, along with a special vehicle. The sets serve as story starters, allowing children to link them all together to form a "Master Plan." There are four agents, but later two more appear in Agents 2.0. The many henchmen of Dr. Inferno, most of them are deformed or robots. Dr. Inferno is part robot himself, since his left arm is all metal. The agents have an undercover truck as their base, and Dr. Inferno's is a large volcano. The Agent color scheme is navy blue, lime green, and light grey. Dr. Inferno's goons are orange and black.


Agent Chase: Is the most common and comes in most every set.

Agent Fuse: Is hard to find seeing that he is in only in three sets.

Agent Charge: Is also hard to find because he is only in four sets.

Agent Trace: Is very rare, since most of the sets she comes in are very expensive.

Agent Swift and Agent Swipe: Are exclusive to the sets they come in, which are Ariel Defence Unit and Gold Tooths Getaway.

Sets 2008:Edit

*8631 Mission 1: Jetpack Persuit - 88 pieces

*8632 Mission 2: Swamp Raid - 235 pieces

*8630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt - 352 pieces

*8633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue - 340 pieces

*8634 Mission 5: Turborcar Chase - 498 pieces

*8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center - 1154 pieces

*8363 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest - 520 pieces

*8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base - 718 pieces

Sets 2009:Edit

*8967 - Goldtooths Getaway - 68 pieces

*8968 - River Heist - 203 pieces

*8969 - 4-Wheeling Pursuit - 322 pieces

*8970 - Robo Attack - 414 pieces

*8971 - Aerial Defence Attack - 733 pieces