Hello! Welcome to the Daily News!

This is where CoolShark and other Specialized News Reporter Admins will make a short news article every three Days. Enjoy!

(Report #2) Hello wiki, has it been three days already? Hmm... Guess so! *Puff of smoke appears and CoolShark pops out* Hey! That’s my line! Hello wiki, has it been three days already? Hmm... Guess so! We have some news for you!

Dino Attack is Back!

Yes, that’s right! The Dino Attack theme is back! Prepare it coming around Christmas time! Also, make sure to play the game!

Chat Issues

Lately there has been a issue with chat, where you can't talk. Make sure to keep refreshing and it will evantually go away. Wikia is working on fixing it.


All the Moderators are working hard on making all sorts of templates. If you need a template made for you during our work period, make sure to tell any of us.

Hall Of Fame

The HoF is soon going to be up and running! There will be polls of who will get in soon! Stay tuned for more!


More polls will be added to this wiki to make sure the majority is happy with the choices we make!

Special Guests

We will be having some special guests on this wiki soon. But I don't want to give out much Information on that yet. Keep looking at this news to find out more!

That's all for today. I will be seeing you all next time!

Keep on brickin,

CoolShark, signing out.