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The Ban System
See how we work our bans.

Some of you may have had a warning or even a ban. This is how the ban system goes.

Single Warning

The Single Warning is not a big deal. However use the experience from the warning you got not to do it again.

Second Warning

The Moderators have given you a Second Warning. You should be cautious of what you did. Make sure you didn't repeat what you did on your First Warning.

Third Warning/First Ban

This is your Third Warning You should have some time off the chat to understand what you did wrong. In result you will have a 24 hour chatban.

Fourth Warning

Hi! Your back from your 24 hour chatban But you are still causing trouble? This is your Fourth Warning.

Fifth Warning/Second Ban

Dude, really? Your second Ban. You should be ashamed. But however, we will give you one more chance. This is your Fifth Warning and your Second Ban your gonna be allowed on chat in 3 days.

Sixth Warning/Third Ban

You should be careful. Aparently you can't behave. Your going to be Blocked completely from the wiki for one week.

Seventh Warning/Fourth Ban

Alright dude. We have just about have enough. You are going to be Banned only from chat for a month.

Eighth Warning/Fifth Ban

Alright, here's the deal. Your are blocked completely from the wiki for a month.

Ninth Warning/Sixth Ban

Last straw. This is your Ninth warning. Your are blocked from this wiki for 5 months.

Tenth Warning/Seventh Ban

Listen, dude. We have gave you 9 chances, this is your tenth. We have had enough of you. See-ya! You are now blocked from the wiki and reported to wikia